How To Start a Blog on WordPress in 2018 [with Simple 5 Steps]

How To Start a Blog on WordPress in 2018: Want to start your blog on WordPress in 2018? You can do it easily in just 5 steps that you will learn today.

WordPress, a free platform for blogging is the excellent platform to show your writing skills to the public and post the mind boggling articles. Articles related to few topics such as gambling, porn or pharmacy is not allowed there.

So, the new bloggers should focus on what they should post. Many bloggers have started their journey from this platform, and so you can also rely on it.

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How To Start a Blog on WordPress in 2018

First you need to prepare your blog before buying hosting for your blog. First you need to buy a domain name and theme with plugin. However, you can use free theme and free plugins as well. While you can prepare your contents before launching your blog so that your blog should look natural and active.

Step 1 – How To Buy a Domain at Rs 99*?

Just buy a domain name using below mentioned technique which will help you to get extremely cheap deals:

  1. Just search, .com domain at 99
  2. It will show you all the cheap offers on new domain.
  3. Since you might be buying it with new account, you will be eligible for such offers – but it’s not for old customers.

Buy make sure you have good domain name as an audience will search for your website by the domain name. You can purchase the domain name at the very reasonable price. It is essential to have a domain name because it is the first impression to visitors. It also affects the ranking of your site. Keep it concise and unique.

Step 2 – How To Buy a Web Hosting with Upto 75% Off

Web hosting is another thing that you require. It is the place where your site will reside not in other words it provides accessibility to the visitors. Without it, you cannot set up a blog. Choose a good hosting company that will provide good customer service and has no hidden fees. Choose the host that has one-click installation and is recommended by WordPress.  Always choose which is easy to manage and offer reliable services at reasonable price.

Here, we will take an example of buying hosting from There are many products in hosting like Single Domain Linux Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting & WordPress Hosting. To start your blog, it is recommended to buy wodpress hosting with the basic plan.

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Step 3 – How To Install WordPress on Hostgator

You have to install WordPress. Then enter your domain name, site name, your username, and password. Once the installation process gets completed, you can now move to the next step.

Step 4 – How To Install WordPress Theme

Themes control the visual appearance of the blog. You have to customize the first page of your web to attract the more audience. Install the pre-made themes or buy them or get it for free. Once you set up, move to the next step. If you want to change the theme, click on appearance > themes. Click on add button and sort it by latest themes, popular themes or featured. Then click install and activate the theme.

Step 5 – How To Write Contents on WordPress

Click on post> add the new menu. An editor area will appear, write the blog post. Once you finish writing, click on publish. The post screen has several other options too like categories and tags. Use them to organize the posts.

Add elements to your website for example- write about your page, contact form, etc. you can do this by customizing and adding features to the WordPress blog. To add features, use plugins. It is an application that will let you add features. To choose a good theme, you should look these features:

Simplicity– the theme should be simple and have the clear design so that readers can easily navigate your blog.

Responsiveness- it is a necessity for different users different devices to access the blog. It should fit the screen of all sizes.

Speed– a speed of theme is an important factor as it can make your visitors to go back to another website.

Choose a theme that has good loading speed and has the simple design. So, hope you have learned about How To Start a Blog on WordPress.

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