Why is Paid Hosting Better than Free Hosting? [Free Hosting vs Paid Hosting]

If you are planning for hosting your website on free hosting than you should buy paid hosting otherwise you are investing your time on wrong direction.

The web hosting is the service for the website where you can get two options like one is free hosting and the second one is paid hosting.

But most of the people choose the paid hosting as they consider being the most secure one. The most popular web hosting service is Hostgator hosting which is available in various ranges according to your budget.

Why is Paid Hosting Better than Free Hosting? [Free Hosting vs Paid Hosting]

Why is Paid Hosting Better than Free Hosting?

Before starting to showcase, the difference between paid and free hosting. Do we want to mention that what is web hosting?

The answer is, web hosting is a service through which you can post your site/ website on the internet. Some are available in the market those are providing us web hosting service provider.

These companies are good at providing your website the best quality services. These services and technologies are needed on the internet to view your web page.

Web hosting is done on the special systems, they are known as servers. If the user wants to view our webpage on the internet, all these services are the combination of the address of the website and domain of your site.

Most of the hosting companies offer you the domain, and if you do not have these things, then these companies will purchase for you.

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Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting

All those things we discuss in our article, now we are going to discuss the difference between paid and free hosting.

Uniqueness: The most important difference between free and paid hosting services. Paid web hosting provides you the unique domain name which never used by anyone for their business.

While the free web hosting will provide you the domain name which is common with some other company name included the URL.

This is the most important reason to choose the paid hosting than the free one.

Reliability:  Reliability is the main reason to choose any service. The paid web hosting is more secure one as compare to free hosting.

If any hosting company loses its faith from their customer, then it leaves a negative impact on their reputation. Paid hosting offers you the optimum service which comes under the reliability section.

That’s why most of the professionals opt paid to host as compare over free web hosting.

Search engine ranking:  The free web hosting shows irrelevant and unprofessional links and ads. But paid web hosting does its work which totally differs from the free one. The paid web hosting shows only relevant ads and important links on your site.

Even, all these professional links also increase your search engine rankings on various search engines. Better ranking results into better visibility on the internet.

After knowing all these benefits of using paid web hosting, we want to tell you about the Hostgator hosting is the most popular paid web hosting site which provides you the wide range of web hosting.  The Hostgator hosting is popular in the local as they provide you the best service in your local market.

They also offer you Linux, word press, windows or open source web hosting. These are things which should force you to opt the paid one as compare to free hosting web service.

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